Strategy Planning

Our family support specialists are all trained and experienced to provide high levels of family support no matter the circumstance. Our goal is to figure out the need, then create a plan of action with the clients to reach their goal. We believe that with access to the right resources, people can be empowered by their own abilities, and gain the confidence to reach their potential.

Relationship Builders

Here at A Blessing of Hope, we know relationships are key. So, we look at the data to help us become better everyday. We understand that in order to help families grow, we need superstars that can build a rapport, and help families become the best version of themselves. So we do our part in helping staff gain this skill by offering personal development trainings as often as possible.

Specialized Blending In

We understand that family time is so important and offers so many crucial benefits for children. Our support workers are all trained to blend in, but also redirect and mentor when needed. We provide superior documentation on how visits are going, as well as how families are progressing each session.

Precise Documentation

We understand that proper documentation is fundamental. Accurate documentation ensures all stakeholders involved in a case can see how families are growing and progressing. That is why we train our staff to document the right way, and record the proper information. With our precise forms, documentation will be consistent across the board.


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